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A Tour to Kaohsiung by Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit

Update Date:106-10-17

High Speed Rail /Airport/Train Station

Tourist Spot

PublicTransportation Service Rout

KaohsiungMain Station(R11)/Central Park Station(R9)/ Yanchengpu Station(O2)/City CouncilStation(O4)/Aozihdi Station(R13)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)

LoveRiver/Kaohsiung Museum of History/Kaohsiung Film Archive/Kaohsiung RoseBasilica/Leaping Carp into Soaring Dragon

  1. Central Park Station(R9) Red 25(Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School, Love River, KaohsiungAmbassador Hotel for Love Boat, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court)
  2. Central Park Station(R9)WufuExpress(Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School), Bus No. 77(Kaohsiung Museum of History)
  3. Kaoshiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 60(Kaohsiung Museum of History),Bus No. 248(To Gushan Ferry Station; Kaohsiung Museum of History), Bus No. 214(Kaohsiung Museum of History, Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior HighSchool), JianguoExpress(Yancheng Circle)
  4. Yanchengpu Station(O2)Walking
  5. City Council Station(O4)Bus No.Circle 168(West)(KaohsiungAmbassador Hotel for Love Boat)
  6. Aozihdi Station(R13)BusNo. Circle 168(West) (KaohsiungAmbassador Hotel for Love Boat)
  7. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(East)(KaohsiungAmbassador Hotel for Love Boat)

CentralPark Station(R9)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)

UrbanSpotlight/Talees Department Store/Shinkuchan Shopping Area

  1. Central Park Station(R9)WalkingUrban Spotlight, Talees Department Store, ShinkuchanShopping Area
  2. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 26(Kaohsiung Municipal Sin Sing Senior High School), Bus No. 69, Bus No.52(Central Park, ?Intersection ofLinsen Road), Bus No. 12(Central Park, Intersection of Sintian Road), JhonghuaExpress(Central Park; Walking to Shinkuchan Shopping Area),Bus No. 83(Intersection of Wufu Road; Walking to Urban Spotlight, Shinkuchan ShoppingArea, Talees Department Store),Bus No. 100(Central Park, Urban Spotlight, Talees Department Store)

Formosa Boulevard Station(R10)

Liouhe NightMarket/Nanhua Shopping Area

  1. Formosa Boulevard Station(R10)WalkingLiouheNight Market, Nanhua Shopping Area

Central ParkStation(R9)/Yanchengpu Station(O2)/CityCouncil Station(O4)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)/Aozihdi Station(R13)

Love Pier

  1. Central Park Station(R9)Red 25 [Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School(Love Pier), Love River,Walking]
  2. Central Park Station(R9)WufuExpress(Intersection of Dacheng Street, Walking)
  3. Yanchengpu Station(O2)WufuExpress(Intersection of Dacheng Street)
  4. City CouncilStation(O4)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School)
  5. KaisyuanStation(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(East)(KaohsiungMunicipal Girls’Senior High School)
  6. Aozihdi Station(R13)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (KaohsiungMunicipal Girls’Senior High School)

Central ParkStation(R9)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)

Cijin /Tianhou Temple/Cihou Fort/Cihou Lighthouse/Cijin Seafood Street/CijinBeach

  1. Central Park Station(R9)Red 25 [Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School(Love Pier), Love RiverWalking to LovePier(Love Pier – Cijin Fishing Port)
  2. CentralPark Station(R9)WufuExpress(Gushan Ferry Station)Taking the Ferry(Cijin)
  3. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 248(Gushan Ferry Station)Taking the Ferry(Cijin)
  4. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No. 35(Cijin)

Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Sanduo Shopping DistrictStation(R8)/Weiwuying Station(O10)/CityCouncil Station(O4)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)

SinguangFerry Wharf/Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower

  1. Sanduo Shopping DistrictStation(R8)Red 18(Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower No. 1)Walking
  2. Sanduo Shopping DistrictStation(R8)WalkingSinguangFerry Wharf
  3. Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 214(Singuang Ferry Wharf), 、JhonghuaExpress(Intersection of Sanduo 4th Road), Bus No. 100(Kaohsiung 85 Sky Tower)
  4. Weiwuying Station(O10)Bus No. 70(Intersection of Sanduo 4th Road)
  5. City CouncilStation(O4)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Kaohsiung85 Sky Tower)
  6. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(East)(Kaohsiung85 Sky Tower)

Central ParkStation(R9)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/YanchengpuStation(O2)/Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)/City Council Station(O4)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)/AozihdiStation(R13)

Glory Pier /Hanshin Department Store

  1. Central Park Station(R9)Red 20(Hanshin Department Store, Glory Pier), Bus No. 100(Hanshin Department Store)
  2. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 214(Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School, Hanshin Department Store), Bus No. 100(Hanshin Department Store), Bus No. 83(Intersection of Sintian Road)
  3. Yanchengpu Station(O2)Bus No. 214(Kaohsiung Municipal Girls’Senior High School, Hanshin Department Store)
  4. SanduoShopping District Station(R8)Bus No. 100(Hanshin Department Store), Bus No. 83(Intersection of Sintian Road)
  5. City Council Station(O4)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (HanshinDepartment Store)
  6. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(East)(HanshinDepartment Store)
  7. Aozihdi Station(R13)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (HanshinDepartment Store)

Central ParkStation(R9)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Zuoying Station(R16) /Sizihwan Station(O1)/YanchengpuStation(O2)/Weiwuying Station(O10)

National SunYat-sen University/Sizihwan Bay/Former British Consulate at Dagou /Syongjhen North Gate

  1. CentralPark Station(R9)WufuExpress(National Sun Yat-sen University), HSRGushan Free Transit Bus(National Sun Yat-sen University)
  2. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 248(National Sun Yat-sen University)
  3. SizihwanStation(O1)Orange 1(Shaochuantou, NationalSun Yat-sen University), Bus No. 248(Tunnel of National Sun Yat-sen University),WufuExpress(Tunnel of National Sun Yat-senUniversity)
  4. Weiwuying Station(O10)WufuExpress(Tunnel of National Sun Yat-senUniversity)

Central Park Station(R9)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11) /Cultural Center Station(O7)

Jinshih(Golden Lion) Lake

  1. Central Park Station(R9)Bus No. 72(Jinshih Lake), Bus No. 77(Jinshih Lake)
  2. Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 92(Jinshih Lake)
  3. CulturalCenter Station(O7)Bus No. 77(Jinshih Lake)

ZuoyingStation(R16)/Ecological District Station(R15)/ Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/CentralPark Station(R9)

Lotus Pond /Spring & Autumn Pagodas/Dragon Tiger Tower/Wuli Pavilion/ZuoyingNorth Gate/Confucius Temple of Old Fongshan City

  1. ZuoyingStation(R16)HSR GushanFree Transit Bus, Bus No. 301(Lotus Pond)
  2. Ecological District Station(R15)Red 51(Lotus Pond)
  3. Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 301(Lotus Pond)
  4. Central Park Station(R9)HSR GushanFree Transit Bus(Lotus Pond)

Ecological District Station(R15)/ZuoyingStation(R16)

ConfuciusTemple in Kaohsiung

  1. Ecological District Station(R15)Red 51(Zuoying District Office)
  2. ZuoyingStation(R16)Red 51(Zuoying District Office)

Central Park Sation(R9)/Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/ Zuoying Station(R16)/Cultural Center Station(O7)/Weiwuying Station(O10)/Shihjia Station(R7)/KaisyuanStation(R6)/Aozihdi Station(R13)

CulturalCenter/President Department Store on Heping Road

  1. Central Park Station(R9)WufuExpress, Bus No. 72, Bus No.77(Cultural Center)
  2. Central Park Station(R9)/KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 52(Cultural Center)
  3. Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)Red 21(Cultural Center)
  4. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)/Weiwuying Station(O10)Bus No. 248(Cultural Center)
  5. ZuoyingStation(R16)/Sanduo Shopping DistrictStation(R8)MinzuExpress(Intersection of Siamen Street, and then walking)
  6. CulturalCenter Station(O7)Walking
  7. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Cultural CenterStation)
  8. Aozihdi Station(R13)Bus No.Circle 168(East)(Cultural CenterStation)

ZuoyingStation(R16)/Aozihdi Station(R13)/CentralPark Station(R9)/Zuoying Station(R16)/Kaohsiung Arena Station(R14)/ City Council Station(O4)

KaohsiungMuseum of Fine Arts

  1. ZuoyingStation(R16)/Central Park Station(R9)HSR GushanFree Transit Bus(Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts)
  2. Aozihdi Station(R13)Red 32(Artistic Park),Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Artistic Park)
  3. ZuoyingStation(R16)/Kaohsiung Arena Station(R14)Bus No. 3(Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts)
  4. City CouncilStation(O4)

    Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Houyi Station(R12)/Weiwuying Station(O10)/ Yanchengpu Station(O2)/AozihdiStation(R13)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)

Shihjia Station(R7)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Sanduo ShoppingDistrict Station(R8)/Kaisyuan Station(R6)/Cultural Center Station(O7) /Aozihdi Statin(R13)

KaohsiungSoftware Park/IKEA/Labor Park

  1. Shihjia Station(R7)Red 16(Kaohsiung Software Park, IKEA, Labor Park)
  2. Shihjia Station(R7)Bus No. 36(Intersection of Fusing Road)
  3. Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 36(LaborPark, Intersection of Fusing Road),Bus No. 12, Bus No. 69(Labor Park),JhonghuaExpress(Intersection of Fusing Road, and then walking to KaohsiungSoftware Park and Labor Park),Bus No. 214(Intersection of Fusing Road)
  4. Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)Bus No. 70(Intersection of Fusing Road), Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Kaohsiung SoftwarePark)
  5. Kaisyuan Station(R6)Bus No.Circle 168(East) (Kaohsiung SoftwarePark)
  6. Cultural CenterStation(O7)Bus No.Circle 168(East) (Kaohsiung SoftwarePark)
  7. Aozihdi Station(R13)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Kaohsiung SoftwarePark)

Shihjia Station(R7)/Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)/Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)/KaisyuanStation(R6)/City Council Station(O4)/CulturalCenter Station(O7)

Dream Mall

  1. Shihjia Station(R7)Bus No. 36(Uni-Hankyu Department Store - - Dream Mall)
  2. KaisyuanStation(R6)Bus No. 35(Uni-Hankyu Department Store - - Dream Mall)
  3. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Bus No. 214,JhonghuaExpress, Bus No. 36(Uni-Hankyu Department Store - - Dream Mall), Bus No. 12, Bus No. 69 (Kaisyuan Station, and then walking or taking Dream Mall Shuttle Bus)
  4. Sanduo Shopping District Station(R8)Bus No. 70(Uni-Hankyu Department Store - - Dream Mall)
  5. City CouncilStation(O4)Bus No.Circle 168(West) (Dream Mall)
  6. Cultural CenterStation(O7)Bus No.Circle 168(East) (Dream Mall)

KaohsiungMain Station(R11)


  1. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)JianguoExpress(Sanfong Jhong. Street), Bus No. 245, Bus No.218,JhonghuaExpress(Sanfong Jhong. Street)
  2. KaohsiungMain Station(R11)Walking to Train& Bus StationRed 27(Sanfong Jhong. Street)

KaohsiungMain Station(R11)

Shoushan Zoo/ Martyrs’Shrine

  1. Kaohsiung Main Station(R11)Bus No. 56(ShoushanZoo)
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