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Tourist Taxi

Update Date:106-07-29

Q1: What are tourism taxis?
A: Kaohsiung Tourism Taxis offer professional tour guide services by means of taxi dispatch, and provide charter services for half-day tours, one-day tours or multi-day tours. They not only offset the shortcomings of public transportation means in tourism services, but also serve as important motor vehicles for independent travelers, backpackers and other tourists who are not in tour groups when they visit Kaohsiung City. Certified by the government, Kaohsiung Tourism Taxis provide safe taxi ride experience with reliable taxi dispatch, fleet management and fare transparency.

Q2: How many tourism taxi operators are there in Kaohsiung City?
A: There are 122 excellent and qualified taxi operators, selected by Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau from 12 fleets and over 3000 drivers.

Q3: What are the features of Kaohsiung Tourism Taxis?
A: What makes the tourism taxi operators in this city most distinctive is the certification system. Taxi operators have to participate in the training program conducted by the Transportation Bureau and then pass various screenings such as random evaluations by mystery guests before being awarded a certificate by the city government and becoming the city’s frontline workforce in the tourism industry.

Q4: What are the qualification limitations for tourism taxi operators? 
A: Such operators should have a commercial vehicle less than five years old, have no records of violation against the Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations within a year of practice, and possess a driver’s license free of suspension in accordance with the same act within three years.

Q5: How can we obtain information related to the tourism taxis?
A: The Transportation Bureau has printed 10,000 taxi fleet cards in Chinese and English, which are available for tourists at MRT stations, ferry stations, travel agencies, hotels, etc. Tourists may take MRT or other public transit systems at their convenience and then go on in-depth tours via a tourism taxi. All of the fleets may help tourists create customized tour packages.

Q6: How do we call a tourism taxi?
A: The dispatch hotline of the 12 tourism taxi fleets can be found on the cards printed by the Transportation Bureau. You may call a tourism taxi using the information found on the fleet cards.

Q7: How can we identify a tourism taxi?
A: Tourism taxis can be easily identified from the round certification mark issued by the Transportation Bureau on the windshield, or a certificate on the back of the front seat inside the vehicle.

Q8: How are tourism taxi fares calculated?
A: On July 9, 2013, the Transportation Bureau announced the maximum fares and charges of the tourism taxis: $2,400 for four hours or less, and an extra charge of $500 for every additional hour beyond the four-hour period.

Q9: Is there any channel for complaints? 
 A: You may complain to the following government agencies by providing the vehicle number, practice registration certificate number, date, time and location of the case and relevant information. The competent authority will impose punishments in accordance with relevant regulations once the validity of the case is verified.

Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau: 07-229-9865; Kaohsiung City Police Department: 110
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