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Parking Fee Collection Service via Mobile Phone or Bank

Update Date:106-10-17
  1. Parking fee collection service via mobile phone or online banking has become available since September 30, 2005; general public are welcome to choose either of the methods to submit roadside parking fee.
  2. A total of 14 financial institutions and telecommunication providers offer relevant services, including Bank of Taiwan, Citi Bank, Bank SinoPac, E. Sun Bank, Cathay United Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd., Bank of Panhsin, Bank of Kaohsiung, Taiwan Business Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., and Chunghwa Telecom, in order to provide citizens with convenient and diversified methods of payment.
  3. Citizens who have applied for mobile phone or online payment collection service should confirm service activation date with service providers. Please do not double-pay by submitting payment via convenient store.
ChungHwa Telecom Mobile Communication Branch Company (中華電信行動通信分公司)
“Kaohsiung City Roadside Parking Fee Collection Service via Mobile Phone” provides voice-aided service at speed-dial of “809”, emome mobile network service (select “Traffic Condition” and then “Parking Fee Service”), and emome website service (Mobile Value-added”, “Life Information”, “Parking Fee Service”). When parking fee incurs to a user, Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government notifies the system with the information of the parking fee. Then, the service sends a short message to user’s mobile phone and the user may submit parking fee by (1) dialing 809 directly from mobile phone, (2) accessing emome mobile network via mobile phone, (3) visiting emome website from computer, or (4) replying the message. 
Dial 800 from mobile phone or dial 0800-080090
E-Sun Bank E-Sun Parking Fee Collection Service Website
  1. Nation-wide online payment service of parking fee without limitation on bank or telecommunication service provider.
  2. Daily e-mail notice of payment information; user may also submit payment by following e-mail embedded link to online payment website.
  3. Payment may also be made via eCoin web-based electronic debit card or Web ATM with bank smart card. E-Sun customers may submit payment online in near future.
Customer Service:02-21821313
Bank SinoPac
User must register vehicle license plate number at the bank’s website and choose account number of credit card for payment. The bank will process fund deduction for parking fee automatically according to information provided by parking management office. 
Customer Service:02-2505-9999 / 0203-08989
Bank of Taiwan
Bank customer should register vehicle license plate number at the bank’s website and choose “Authorize the bank to deduct fund automatically”. Once completed, the bank will process payment service automatically. (Note: Online ATM of Bank of Taiwan provides non Bank of Taiwan customers payment service for Kaohsiung City roadside parking fee.)
Customer Service:02-23494567-301
Citibank sends email reminder to its customers to pay parking fee, which can be cleared at Citibank’s instant pay platform.
Customer Service: 02-25768000
Bank of Panhsin

Application can be made by internet, telephone, mail, fax, and service counter. Successful and failed transaction notice will all be sent to customers via email or short message. 
Customer Service:0800-038-666

Cathay United Bank
Fill up “Agreement of Automatic Charge to Credit Card for Kaohsiung City Roadside Parking Fee” and send the application form to the bank by fax or mail. If application is approved, a short message will be sent to customers’ mobile phone and an email to customers’ mailbox to notify license plate number applied and effect date; parking fee notices since effect day will be charged to customer automatically by the bank. 
Customer Service:0800-818001 or 02-23831000
Hua Nan Bank

Fill up application and appoint account number for fund deduction or credit card number to be charged, and mail the form or submit the form to the bank. Successful transaction can be found at the bank’s website or sent to customers by email. Customers will be notified by email and SMS if transaction fails.? 
Customer Service:02-23117171


Depositors may make an entry of their license plate number at the Bank’s website and authorize the Bank to perform automatic payment transfer. Then, the Bank will transfer payments from the designated account. No matter the transfer is completed or not, the Bank will inform the depositor via E-mail.
Customer Service:0800751068


Clients of Taiwan Business Bank may make an entry of the license plate number of their own vehicles or others’ at the Bank’s online bank or online ATM, and designate an account to transfer the curb parking fee. The banking system will then automatically transfer the parking fee, and at the same time inform clients of the transfer via E-mail. This service is very easy to use, and everyone is warmly welcome to use it.
Customer Service:(02)2361-7171 #2162-2165 or (02)2314-7171


After clients make an entry of the license plate number and the relevant information at the online bank, clients may choose either “Pay via Savings Account” or “Pay via Credit Card.” The Bank will inform clients via E-mail or short message services of the result of their application. Only after clients receive the message saying “Entry Successful” can the application become effective. Clients can then make inquiries and pay parking fees via the Internet right away. 
Customer Service:412-2222 (via Local Phone) or (02) 4122222 (via Mobile Phone)


Clients may submit an application in person to any post office nationwide, or submit an application and make inquiries via iPost, and designate an account for automatic payment transfer. No matter the transfer is completed or not, the post office will inform clients via E-mail.
Customer Service:0800-700-365

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