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Promote Three Major Low-Carbon Transportation Tools

Update Date:106-07-29
The Kaohsiung Bureau of Transportation is implementing the "Live Your Best Life in Kaohsiung" policy initiative for the city with the creation of the city's new transportation policythat incorporates the initiatives of "Green! Sustainable Transportation: inteGRation, Reliability, Eco-mobility, Efficiency, and Networking." These initiatives are explained below:

This initiative integrate Kaohsiung's transportation infrastructure through the connection of surface roads, sea, air, and tramway systems to establish a comprehensive transportation service network in Kaohsiung, creating a synergistic effect. The combination of intelligent transportation systems, the integration of transportation system resources, andthe use of engineering and management methods to strengthen the linkage of existing systems will be carried out to improvesystem efficiency.This will create a fast, punctual public transportation system. In addition, these changes will enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of the transportation system in the Greater Kaohsiung area.

Reliability and safety is a fundamental principle of transportation governance. This initiative will use the 4Es – active Engineering, Education, law Enforcement, and Encourage safe operation of vehicles – in cooperation with system safety supervision and management mechanisms. This will create a reliable and safe transportation environment. At the same time, this initiative will enhance the service quality of the accessible public transportation system for city residents, thereby improving the reliability of Kaohsiung's transportation environment.

The promotion of the use of sustainable, green transportation is an important issue for urban governance. Kaohsiung has actively worked towards keeping abreast with international standards by developing Eco-mobility. This promotes a green transportation system, and develops people-centered transportation strategies for creating a low-carbon, sustainable, people-centered eco-mobility transportation environment.

Through the application and introduction of advanced technology, intelligent transportation systems, the 4G network (Big data), and other applications and technologies, the city has created an efficient transportation network. The public can use this technology before they go out the door or while they're on the road through an APP or vehicle networking systems to find out how far buses are from their stops, remaining vacancies in parking lots, make reservations for taxi car-pooling, andlook up information regarding road conditions and traffic. This provides the public with more efficient tools and systems to meet their transportation needs.

In order to facilitate the development of sea and air trade in Kaohsiung, this initiativewill create a more convenient transportation network to improve urban road service standards and serve asas the city's economic, trade, tourism and recreation, and commuter transportation network.
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