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Establish Port-City Unified Transportation System

Update Date:106-07-29
The Greater Kaohsiung area embraces a quality harbor, an international airport and the expansive industrial region, representing an international marine and air gateway city of Taiwan. A mentality that considers both the flow of people and the flow of goods is essential to integrate the port-city unified transportation infrastructure, thus achieving a win-win for both the port and the city. The Kaohsiung marine and air gateway transportation will be given overall review and improvement, including the promotion of the National Highway No. 7 construction plan, the Second Harbor Entrance cross-harbor bridge construction plan and the Cross-harbor Tunnel No. 2 construction plan. In order to construct a port-city unified transportation network, it is also advocated that more interchanges for national highways be constructed, and the greater Kaohsiung national highways network be improved, including the addition of Linyuan and Dapingding Interchanges for National Highway No. 7, the addition of Bagualiao Interchange for National Highway No. 10, the addition of Dashu Interchange for National Highway No. 3, etc.
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