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Develop Five Major Public Transport Systems

Update Date:106-07-29
Build a Hierarchy-driven Framework, and Develop Five Major Public Transport Systems

To provide seamless public transport service in the greater Kaohsiung area, a hierarchical public transportation system, consisting of the five major public transport systems - MRT, LRT, BRT, shuttle buses and DRT, is planned according to population density. This is to offer diversified and seamless mass transportation services in the greater Kaohsiung area, so that the goal of offering public transportation service in every township could be achieved. Planning of such post-MRT systems as Gangshan-Lujhu extension line, Pingtung extension line, circular LRT, waterfront LRT, etc. would go on. Based on the quantity raising concept, the BRT or express buses are developed first as pilot systems; number of shuttle bus routes will increase from 25 now to 50. In areas where bus demand and schedule are uncertain, the DRT (or taxis) will provide the service.
●MRT Red and Orange lines
Gangshan- Lujhu extension line
Pingtung extension line
●LRT Circular LRT Waterfront LRT
●BRT Jhonghua Mincyuan line
Kaohsiung Colleges line
Yellow line
Brown line
Green line
●BUS National Highway Express buses
Express buses
MRT shuttle buses
Transit Center shuttle buses
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