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Improvement projects for accident-prone locations

Update Date:106-07-29
Based on the division of the current traffic accident prevention task in this city, the Kaohsiung City Police Department is required by the regulations set by the National Police Agency to invite relevant agencies to convene meetings and study countermeasures within three days after an A1-type traffic accident occurs. The improvement measures should be reported to the Kaohsiung City Traffic Safety Supervisory Committee for management and implementation.

A2-type accidents are potential causes of A1-type accidents. In 2013, the improvement work for 35 A2-type accident-prone locations, such as the junction of Dajhong 1st Road and Dingjhong Road in Sanmin District, the junction of Fongsong Road and Jingwu Road in Fongshan District, and the junction of Cueihua Road and Dajhong 2nd Road in Zuoying District (bottleneck), was completed. Improvements for the other 41 intersections are underway and the performance of those improvement measures is continuously being tracked.

The major cause of traffic accidents in this city was the failure to yield the right-of-way pursuant to the regulations, which resulted in over 40% of the traffic accidents. The Bureau will continue to coordinate with relevant agencies to strengthen the traffic law enforcement.

According to the statistics, a total of 245 A1, A2, and A3-type traffic accidents occurred in the first quarter (January – March) of 2014 at the 19 intersections where improvements were made during the second half of 2013. The number decreased by 11 (-4.5%) compared with the same period in 2013. Improvements will continue to be carried out at the A2-type accident-prone locations in this city.
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