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Renovation of public parking towers

Update Date:106-10-03
  1. As a highly used parking tower in this city, this construction adopts steel frame structure and has been used for over 16 years since its inauguration. The entire construction has been renovated to improve the seismic resistance of its structure, enhance fire safety, and offer citizens a higher quality parking space.
Mincyuan Light Gauge Steel Parking Tower
Mincyuan Light Gauge Steel Parking Tower (Take #1)
Mincyuan Light Gauge Steel Parking Tower (Take #2)
  1. 2.Renovation of Linyuan Parking Tower:

    Opened on October 1, 1999, this parking tower was previously managed by the former Linyuan Township Office. Because the facilities were old and damaged, the surveillance system was stolen, and vendors occupied the surrounding area, a dirty environment and security problems ensued. As a result, people had low intentions to use the parking tower. In order to realize the functions of the parking tower and enhance the quality of parking services, a fund was budgeted in 2012 to renovate the entire building (including renewal/replacement of mechatronic equipment, lighting equipment, elevators and fire control equipment). The project commenced on October 1, 2012, and the inspection was completed on December 28, 2012. The parking tower now provides 244 parking spaces for small vehicles, along with 76 spaces for motorcycles inside and outside the tower. In addition to offering parking spaces to local residents, it may solve the needs of people visiting the newly opened Farmers’ Fish, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables Market for temporary parking, thereby helping to boost local prosperity.

Linyuan Parking Tower
Linyuan Parking Tower (before repair)
Linyuan Parking Tower (after repair)
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