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Kaohsiung Parking Space Supply and Demand Investigation Project has been complet

Update Date:106-10-17

1.This project has been completed in August 2007. Passenger car parking space supply and demand investigations in 11 districts of Kaohsiung City are completed. Parking space supply and demand analysis and study have been conducted by parking space supply and demand investigation, parking behavior survey, parking space turn-over rate analysis for 31 parking space scarcity or difficulty areas. In addition to proposition of improvement priority, short-term, mid-term, and long-term improvement strategies are also proposed. Result of the project shall be adopted by the Bureau as reference in the planning of management strategy, parking lot construction projects, and related traffic policy implementation.

2.Fongshan Area Parking Supply and Demand Investigation Project:

The investigation of parking supply and demand in former Kaohsiung City and the collection of related data were completed in 2007. After the city-county consolidation, Fongshan District became the district with the second largest population in the Greater Kaohsiung. Due to high population density, local parking problems have become relatively serious. To work out a strategy to tackle the local parking problems in the long run, the Bureau commissioned a professional consultancy company in 2012 to undertake the “2012 Investigation of the Current Car Parking Demand and Supply in Fongshan District and Planning of Strategies for Increasing Parking Supply”. This project aims to provide a basis for the construction of parking lots, parking pricing and implementation of relevant traffic control measures in the future. A report was compiled on December 28, 2012. The main content of this project includes:

  1. Investigating the car parking demand and supply in Fongshan District.
  2. Proposing improvement strategies for five areas with parking difficulties, including Wunshan Special Area, the area surrounding Fongshan Train Station, the area surrounding Fongling Plaza, Jhonglun Community and the area around Wujia 3rd Road.
  3. Setting up a car parking supply and demand database for the Bureau’s traffic infrastructure management system, and converting the research results to a digital format.

   Regarding the places with parking difficulties in Fongshan District, the short-term solutions are to build off-street parking lots on idle public lands (such as the Armaments Bureau’s idle vacant lot beside Zihyou Road), to assist local schools (Feng-Shan Elementary School, for example) in opening their campus up to the public for parking, to increase or adjust roadside parking spaces and to adjust parking rates (for instance, roadside parking spaces have been increased along Wujia 1st Road, Tiyu Road and Jhonglun 1st Road, and roadside parking fees around Fongshan Stadium are charged hourly instead). These solutions aim to lessen the problem of insufficient parking spaces in the district. As for the long term, local parking spaces may be increased in line with the various public infrastructure reengineering projects launched by the related government agencies (such as the stadium reconstruction project under the planning by the Urban Development Bureau and Public Works Bureau).

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