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Traffic Violation Adjudication Business

Update Date:106-10-17
Statistics of Traffic Violation Cases in Mar 2015 

1.Traffic violation case adjudication and punishment business is executed pursuant to “Road Traffic Management Punishment Act” and “Enforcement Rules for Unified Adjudication and Punishment Standard for Road Traffic Management Violation Case and Processing Details”. 160,771 traffic violation cases were listed, and 125,618 cases were closed, with fine income of NTD 169,151,144. In additions,deferred payment plan for traffic violation fine, violation case review, expanded penalty fine payment services, and traffic safety awareness promotion and service have been executed.
Month/Year No. of Cases Entered No. of Cases Closed Fine Amount
(distribution amount is excluded)
Mar . 2015 160,771 cases 125,618 cases NTD 169,151,144

2.Installment payments for 576 traffic violation cases were processed.
3. A total of 955 written complaints and appeals were received.
4.A total of 20,220 judgments were mailed.
5.A total of 37,021 cases were referred for compulsory enforcement.
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