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Update Date:106-07-29
Transportation Planning Division (Ext: 202、208)
Transportation policy making; land, sea, and air comprehensive transportation system planning; supervision of coordination and integration of traffic related businesses; review and execute supervision, issues related to traffic safety meeting, traffic safety education and policy propaganda.

Parking Engineering Division (Ext: 315、316、330、332)
Study and propose city parking strategy; planning of development of parking facility; control public off-street parking lot construction; confiscation of land and compensation for ground/underground structure demolition for parking lot construction project; establish temporary parking lot and review cases of encouraged private investment in parking lot construction; design, building, acceptance inspection of parking lot project; and planning, building, and acceptance inspection of eco-transportation and electronic toll collection systems.

Transportation Management Division (Ext: 509)
Management of vehicle and vessel transportation business, vehicle mobilization, vehicle inspection and driver management, supervision of vehicle accident investigation, and answering to vehicle accident dispute.

Traffic Engineering Division (Ext: 634、638、639)
Planning of traffic control construction; design, construction, and acceptance inspection of sign, marking, and signal equipment and safety equipment; and installation and maintenance of traffic control equipment and signal equipment.

Transportation Supervision Division(Ext: 809)
Initial investigations, re-investigations, operational performance evaluation, rectification of qualified vehicle operators and fare rates, financial and accounting inspection, supervision of system and equipment maintenance and management, supervision of traffic safety, and supervision of operation and management of subsidiary businesses in regard to the Mass Rapid Transit System and other transportation systems.

Transportation Facility Division(Ext: 715~717)
Planning, Implementation, Acceptance Inspection and Management of faclities including Public transportation transit station, bus and MRT system, and improvement of waiting-area.

Traffic Adjudication Center (Switchboard 07-3629902)
Traffic adjudication business。

Parking Management Center (Ext: 302、304、306、307、310~312、314、319、321、324、325、351、352、357)
Making of public parking lot operation plan; operational management, ticket management, and income statistic and analysis of business operation; pipeline work and equipment maintenance of public parking lot; registration and management of parking operation; report and dispose illegal operation; public parking lot payment collection and management; issuing citation for unpaid roadside parking fee; inviting public bidding and operation supervision of public and/or private towing operation; and administration of parking lot management fund.

Intelligent Transportation Center (switchboard (07)229-9804)
Engage in planning, design, installment, operation, maintenance, information exchange, coordination and integration of intelligent transportation systems. Set up, change and improve traffic signal timing in the city.

Information Office (switchboard (07)229-9862)
Develop transportation information; plan, analyze, implement, supervise and inspect various information systems; operate and maintain various information software and hardware equipment; and manage and maintain the Website, internal official document and information security systems.

Secretariat Office (switchboard (07)229-9800)
Development and evaluation, planning, documentation, filing, legal affairs, official seal, cashier, procurement, contracting, public relationship, news media contact, and matters not assigned to other section, office, or center.

Accounting Office (switchboard (07)229-9809)
Administer annual accounting, accounting, and statistic tasks pursuant to competent laws.

Personnel Office (switchboard (07)229-9808)
Administer personnel management pursuant to competent laws.

Civil Service Ethics Office (switchboard (07)229-9814)
Administer civil service ethics pursuant to competent laws. City Bus Service Administration In charge of city bus service management. In charge of motor vehicle supervision tasks in the city.

Traffic Accident Arbitrated Commission (switchboard 07-7224822)
Receive request of traffic accident investigation from general public or judicial/martial law organization.
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