Transportation Bureau,Kaohsiung City

Traffic control to be implemented in surrounding area during display of rubber duck in Kaohsiung; please take free holiday shuttle buses for your convenience

During the display of the yellow rubber duck in Kaohsiung, traffic control will be implemented in the surrounding area to relieve traffic congestion. Citizens and visitors are urged to take free holiday shuttle buses or other means of public transport to see the rubber duck.

The yellow rubber duck will begin its Taiwan tour in Kaohsiung and be floating at Glory Pier between September 19 and October 20. Huge crowds of visitors are expected during this period. In order to maintain smooth traffic flow in the surrounding area, Kaohsiung City Government has formulated a traffic control plan, banning vehicles in the area to the west of Chenggong 1st Road (exclusive), to the east of Haibian Road (inclusive), to the north of Cingnian 2nd Road (exclusive) and to the south of Wufu 3rd Road (exclusive). Bicycles are also forbidden on the West Side Harbor Line Bike Path (between the starting point of Love Pier and Cingnian 2nd Road). The control period is from 10 a.m. to midnight daily from September 19 to September 22 (Moon Festival holiday); from 10 a.m. to midnight on other weekends (including the National Day on October 10); and from 4 p.m. to midnight on weekdays (Monday through Friday). During the control period, vehicles are forbidden from entering the controlled area except for buses, shuttle buses and barrier-free taxis. The police may flexibly adjust the controlled area based on the traffic conditions.

The parking lots around Glory Pier offer limited spaces. To prevent heavy traffic congestion from ruining the fun, Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau specifically provides free holiday shuttle services. The bus route starting point is the bus stop at Exit No. 1 of MRT Central Park Station, and the ending point is the bus stop in front of Glory Pier. The first bus departs from the Central Park Station at 10:30, and the last one departs from Glory Pier at 20:30. The bus interval is 10-20 minutes. All are welcome to take MRT to the Central Park Station and then ride the free shuttle bus.

During the display of the yellow rubber duck, the interval of the buses that pass by the venue will be shortened on weekdays, including Red 18 (stops at Glory Pier Stop), 0 South, 0 North, 11, 25, 33, Wufu Main Line (50), Circle Bus Line (168), 214, 76 and 77 (stops at Kaohsiung Girls Senior High School Stop). It only takes approximately five minutes to walk from the bus stop in front of Kaohsiung Girls Senior High School on Yingsyong Road to Glory Pier. Citizens taking a city bus with I Pass can enjoy a free bus ride when transferring to another city bus within two hours, and enjoy a $6 discount when transferring to or from MRT. The bus transport is convenient with short intervals. Please utilize the bus service more often.

Moreover, in order to provide convenient transport services, a temporary taxi stand is set up on the corner of Haibian Road and Cingnian 2nd Road, and a temporary tourism taxi stand is added at the intersection of Wufu Road and Yingsyong Road in addition to the current seven taxi stands around Glory Pier.

Considering the heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic during the display of the yellow rubber duck and limited parking spaces in the surrounding area, the Transportation Bureau urges people to make use of public transport. Thus, no traffic jams will affect the tourism quality and destroy the fun of travel.